Policy control is the foundation of every great data service. It has the power to increase subscriber satisfaction, data plan innovation, network quality and revenue streams.

It’s time to do more with policy...

Providing a personalized and compelling subscriber experience is critical in today’s competitive market. Policy control brings together network intelligence, contextual information and service quality to enable differentiated services and the superior quality of experience that will engage your subscribers and drive usage.
Central to the agile business model is the ability to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively launch new data services and deploy network control resources for unique market segments. An agile network with virtualized policy control, combined with easy-to-use deployment tools, translates into faster time to market and revenue.
Personalized data services offer subscribers access to the content and applications they want, when they want them. Generate incremental revenue with policy control and a wide range of data monetization use cases that appeal to multiple market segments and subscriber groups.